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The Northland Global Web site offers information for those who want to enter the world of international business or increase their involvement in global markets.

Developed by the Northland International Trade Assistance Group and its parent organization, the Clay County Economic Development Council, this site includes suggestions from global trade specialists and links to additional information. Our goal is to provide a user-friendly overview of enterting global markets safely and securely, with the contacts and resources to make it easy. Northland Global is operated by the Clay County Economic Development Council to promote international business by our members and other Clay County, Missouri businesses.

We offer a great way to learn the basics of entering international trade and offer connections to resources and information through a convenient, single location. Important contacts, class listings and even password-protected information allow you to ask the experts your questions. Our key steps to “go international” will give you the key strategies to get started.

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The information on this Web site is provided as a convenience to Clay County business owners and others interested in international trade. The Clay County Economic Development Council in no way warrants or guarantees this information, but offers it as helpful suggestions and links to specialists in the areas of global business.